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If You Love to Cook!

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   With these great herbs and spices come some absolutely delicious and flavorful meals.  Some of the products we offer may not readily be available in many markets in your area.  (Remember we can have any of these to your front door in a matter of a few short days).  We want to share some of our favorite recipes that bring out the best in nature's great flavors and hope you try some.  The sources of these recipes are from well known chefs who we believe have the best combination of ingredients and the simplest recipe to prepare.  All of these have a preparation time of around thirty minutes which will keep you away from the kitchen, but leaving everyone who ate these thinking you spent the entire day cooking.

Our Favorite Flavorful Herb Recipes

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Pollo Pibil

This beautiful, Marinated Achiote Chicken Recipe, also called Pollo Pibil, is juicy, succulent, and full of rich, deep Mexican flavors.

Achiote Pollo Achiote Marinado (E) 25/4.5  Recipe courtesy of Valentina Wein Cooking On Weekends

Prep Time 35 mins   Cook Time  45 mins   Marinxxxating Time  3 hrs   Total Time  4 hrs 20 mins



Pan De Muertos

This is a bread that is commonly made during the celebrations of Day of the Dead the last week of October and first week of November, but can be served anytime.  It is slightly sweet flavored with anise, a hint of orange, and glazed crusty surface sprinkled with sugar.

Anise Mexican Bread of the Dead Courtesy of Sabores De Mexico






5 Star Beef Short-Ribs

Though this recipe contains a fairly large number of ingredients, it is easy to prepare and can slowly cook for four hours.  The wait is worth the time for these incredible 'melt in your mouth, off-the-bone' flavors.

Basil                  Five Star Beef Short Ribs             Courtesy of Gigi’s Cucina @gigi_cucina      4 hours




Black Cumin

Birria de res Con Consomme'

Birria is a delicious, flavor and not to forget very popular Mexican dish. The traditional birria was made popular in Jalisco, Mexico and typically prepared with goat. Since many people prefer beef and goat is not easy to come by, beef is an excellent substitute.

Black Cumin     Birria-de-res-con-consome-beef-in-consomme       Mexican            Prep Time: 30 minutes    Cook Time: 4 hours 30 minutes   Total Time: 5 hours Servings: 8 


Black Sesame

Black Sesame Brownies

Chewy, fudgy black sesame brownies have the soft texture of brownies, a little less sweet, and are delicious when combined with the smoky flavor of black sesame seeds.

Black Cumin   Black Cumin Brownies Dessert 1 hour



Caraway Seeds

Fajita Soup with Chicken

A mildly spicy Mexican soup with lots of flavor and can also be prepared without chicken for a vegetarian meal.  Serve with warm tortillas or jalapeno cornbread.