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We accept Visa, MasterCard®, American Express on all purchases. We also accept cash for your purchases that are delivered by our courier or picked up at one of our locations.
When it comes to purchasing anything online, the security question towers above everything else. Our store’s overall cyber security and particularly the billing process security is something we do not take lightly. All of your shopping here will be a fun and safe experience. If you have any difficulties in the checkout process, you can always address our customer support department with your billing questions.

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Our customers live anywhere from Auckland to Zurich, your naturally sourced herbal product order is a matter of a few short hours away.
You can purchase your items online and pick them up at our street store or ship them directly to your doorstep. Shipping is free on some orders. We use the best carriers in the business to make sure your orders get to you on time. At the Secure Checkout page, you‘ll see the ordered item’s description, its price, and delivery time. Where available, you can also choose a faster delivery method for each item on your order for an additional fee. Delivery times vary depending on your selected delivery address, availability of your items, and the time of the day you place your order.

More about shipping and returns

Payment, shipping, returns, and refunds.
All prices are posted in US dollars and can be converted to any couuntry we are allowed to sell products in. Purchases are processsed when ordered and are shipped within 24 hours or 48 hours if ordered on a Saturday or on a Sunday if a 3 day national holiday is envolved. We will refund or replace anything that was damaged or if the wrong product was shipped. If the items is consumable there is no return or refund applicable because it can not be resold. Please insure anything ordered that is consumable does not conflict with amy personal allergies. It is always recommended that anyone purchasing supplements consult their family doctor before placing an order. Though the majority of products here are safe in most every situation, each body is different and variables that may change the safety aspect are pregnancy, surgeries, age, weight, and a number of others that your doctor would be able to provide guidance on.

About the Founder

4th Generation Herbalist
Bio Ricardo Mazcal is a fourth-generation Herbalist and Nutritionist with more than 50 years of experience in medicinal plants. He was trained in Herbolaria Mexicana for many years by his family in his natal northeast Nayarit and the high sierra. Later he studied Hindu Ayurveda and Chinese traditional medicine (TCM) from herbal masters. He has dedicated his life to helping others enjoy a healthy life at every age through alternative medicine and natural wellness options. He is a respected writer with a weekly column entitledThe Healing Power of Plants. Mr. Mazcal enjoys sharing his knowledge with the alternative healthcare community and providing solutions for men and women ready to control their health the natural way. For over a thousand years people have discovered the miracle uses of many herbs, spices, seeds, and barks found in the jungles of Mexico and less inhabited areas around the world. Many civilizations used these for improving the taste in their cuisine, enhancing the quality of life by using these plant based products for their health, and discovered that some improved the condition of their skin and created oils and lotions that reduce the effects of aging and help maintain a more youthful appearance. It is my pleasure to share some of these secrets with you. Ricardo Mazcal, Nutritionist & Herbalist The small to medium size, locally owned, family farms that dot the front range of the Sierra Madre Mountains in western Mexico are ideal for growing an array of high quality vegetation. Unlike large commercial operations the products are raised not only in an almost perfect environment but have the added attention to quality only a grower of this size can consistently offer in premium natural grown products for the global consumer who demands nothing less. The quality products I offer include: Spices, Herbs, Seeds, & Seasonings Superfoods Supplements Tinctures Tonics Essential Oils Cosmetics

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