Images are printed on artist quality canvas after photos are optimized to perfect fit, pixels magnified up to 8000MP to retain sharpness. Premium inks are used which will last for decades. Individual scenes are 16"x16" or the Street Art Montage is a set of three different scenes blended into one mural measuring 16" high and 48" wide with a solid 1" wood frame supporting a gallery wrap with the colors of the image covering each side. Each picture includes a hang bar for easy and level setup. Cost includes local delivery and our installation, if needed.

This month's special your choice of any three individual street art scenes and all of the features noted above. Individual size of each is 16"x 16" or the montage 16" x 48" Mix and match or color coordinate for a room that has the colors you are looking for.

Your choice of either the montage or three individual images only $1995 Pesos or $95.00 USD or $124 CND. If you are ordering on the website indicate cash as form of payment and either your delivery address or pickup at our location. Add 5 days from today's date for the delivery or pickup. If the order is ready before that we will contact you and see if an earlier delivery or pickup would be possible. If you prefer to pay by bank card make a note in the message box at checkout after you indicate cash purchase and we will send you a secure encrypted link to complete the transaction, or you may do it at our office if preferable.

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